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Plan3 creates unique experiences and design stories in commercial and residential spaces, offering detailed and creative expression through architecture, interior design, construction and furnishing.


Founded in 2010, Plan3 is a full-service studio that continues to evolve and lead with its expansive collection of design & build destinations. With constant evolution and exploration of materiality, form and function, lighting, texture and furnishing, we curate unique experiences into every space.

Constant Evolution And Exploration Inspires Creativity

Our Team

We are celebrated for our commitment to actively listen, to keep our clients engaged throughout the process and to offer an enriching experience that marry the characteristics of trust and collaborative vision that is at once singular and synchronised.

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Noelle Hernandez

Founder + Owner

During her 30-year design career, Noelle has built a reputation for organization, collaboration and communication and has distinguished herself as one of the Roaring Fork Valley’s top designers. Her fresh, modern approach is built on an extensive background in construction and project management, space planning, finishes, furniture selection and kitchen and bath design.


Commercial Designer + Partner

An interior designer with 30 years of experience and extensive commercial and technical design, construction and project-management experience, Soraya has created a range of environments, including commercial corporate offices, restaurants, public spaces, hospitality and hotels, medical offices, radio stations, entertainment venues and cruise ships.


Partner + Project Manager

A seasoned communicator and project manager, Nicole champions the project vision and client experience. She specializes in the selection of finish materials, furniture and lighting fixtures, plumbing, accessories and space planning. She brings a fresh perspective o concept development and a breadth of industry knowledge on the latest trends and products.


Great design requires fearless collaboration, communication and trust. We create exceptional spaces and client experiences by listening closely, engaging completely and championing the vision every step of the way.

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